• We offer in-person, supportive counseling and coaching for individuals with ASD and their caregivers (family members, siblings, support staff).  These services are provided in a number of settings: schools, day programs, the clinic, or in community settings.

  • Our therapeutic approach is integrative and depends on the goals of the client.  Our treatment approach draws from philosophies that are cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and behavioral in nature.  Sessions are individualized and solution-focused!



  • What is Walk & Talk Therapy?

  • Conduct your individual therapy sessions on the go!  Instead of meeting at the clinic, choose a location of your choice in the community.

  • What are the benefits to Walk & Talk Therapy?

  • As Clay Cockrell, founder of "Walk and Talk Therapy" says:

  • "Sitting is passive, it's a deflated posture... Walking is literally moving ahead. People feel like they are moving forward in their issues. They can tackle things better and faster."

  • Our environment affects our mood and energy levels!  Why lie on a couch, when you can be on the go? 

  • Spend time focused on your growth!  You spend a lot of your day sitting.  Why spend another hour on the couch? 


  • - Your first appointment (the initial intake) will be held at the clinic, so that you can complete your intake and meet your therapist.  During follow up appointments, we can walk on the Monon Trail, at Central Park, an indoor mall, or another location of your choice!



What is Online Counseling?

  • It is convenient and flexible.

  • It is private (no waiting rooms; immediate access to your therapist).  Only the use of a computer is needed. 

  • Increases engagement by allowing patients to connect with their multi-disciplinary team more frequently.

  • Easier for providers to follow-up with clients and make sure everything is going well.

What Supplies or Materials Do I Need for Online Counseling?

  • Access to a secure, HIPAA-compliant application and your own log-in.  (We provide this for you!)

  • A microphone (this will improve the audio quality of your session).

  • A headset and/or ear buds to plug into your laptop or phone (this will decrease audio feedback).

  • A commitment to your personal growth!


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