Our passion at Autism Quality of Life is to help you find yourself, while you make an impact in your community, to improve the quality of life for adults with Autism and their caregivers.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find fulfillment in your daily work, make a difference in someone’s life, and earn an income in the process?  Being an Autism Innovator can help you do just that, by taking advantage of the technology, resources, and community that is available through Autism Quality of Life.

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  • Listen to the Autism Quality of Life Podcast with Dr. Teri Krakovich

    • stories of giving, creation, growth, personal development, and entrepreneurship.  Learn how individuals find opportunity in their own challenges and improve the lives of others in the process!

  • Listen to the Autism Advantage Podcast

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Take the Autism Innovator Course and Begin Your Entrepreneurial Journey Today!


What is covered?

Step 1: Discover Your Passions and Strengths


Step 2: Develop Your Vision


Step 3: Take the Practical Steps


Step 4: Collaborate, Partner, and Find Mentors


Step 5: Bring Your Idea to Fruition (Putting it all together with a business plan)

Where to Go From Here?  


1. Give Back & Impact Your Community:

  • Share your program, service, or expertise with the Autism Quality of Life community by becoming an #AutismAffiliate.


2. Share & Teach Others:

  • Host an Autism Innovator workshop to inspire others and become a teacher in the community.

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